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Some winners told teeth dental implant

Some winners told teeth dental implant,It uses natural bone from a position or bone from synthetic materials to compensate for lost positions. In case the jaw bone loses too much, it is possible to combine sinus lift to increase jaw volume. Normally, for bone grafting, there is a complete integration with the real jaw bone. It takes 4 – 6 months to get acquainted.If the jaw bone has not been dissipated much, it can be treated with an implant method. This method implements the implant head into the jaw bone and attaches the crown on top with the function of replacing lost teeth, limiting invasion to real teeth, increasing pressure on the jaw bone, preventing dissipation. The implant transplant takes about 15 minutes, and after a very short period of time, chewing

Someone with wisdom teeth do not cause pain but grows inside, when oral hygiene is not in place to cause tooth decay, affecting other teeth.The best time to extract wisdom teeth is from 18 to 25 years old, when the root teeth formed two thirds. At age 35, surgery to remove wisdom teeth will be difficult because of the hard and thick bone. On the other hand, some systemic and local factors also Saigon Vietnam dental implants

do not allow interventional wisdom extraction. Healing process, postoperative also long and unfavorable.Therefore, when determining that wisdom teeth do not grow in the right direction, they should be removed as soon as possible, because this tooth can cause inflammation around the crown. In many cases, it also causes tooth decay number 7 (there are cases where the number 7 cannot hold vietnam dentist prices

So early spitting will help make the number 7 not affected.The extraction of wisdom teeth is harder and more important than other teeth, so the patient must choose a reputable basis to be treated by the doctor. It is best to go to the hospital where there is adequate equipment needed in case of emergency complications.This is unavoidable, but during the spit you will not have any pain due to trồng răng implant

anesthesia. Pain only occurs when things are done and the numbing medication goes away. Most people after wisdom tooth extraction have swelling. Do not worry too much, follow the doctor’s instructions, you will quickly pass this stage.Compared with the complications that may be encountered if you continue to keep the tooth painful a bit is still the best option.The best time to extract cấy ghép implant

wisdom teeth is from 18 to 25 years old, when the root teeth formed two thirds. At age 35, surgery to remove wisdom teeth will be difficult.Troubled by wisdom teeth growing ‘wild’ / Wisdom teeth stuck Teeth wisdom trồng răng implant

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