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to people If the unfortunate case of teeth in Vietnam

to people If the unfortunate case of teeth in Vietnam, infection called abscess. In the mouth, the abscess forms around the teeth or the gum tissue around the teeth. The accumulation of pus gradually causes the pressure to rise, which causes the pain to increase. Sometimes a widespread infection causes swelling in the face or forms a visible mass on the outside of the root of the tooth. The swollen mass may leak, causing pus to enter the mouth. When there is a fistula, the pain will decrease significantly but the infection is still there, so still need to be treated. As the abscess progresses, the infection may spread to the anchor ligaments that hold the jawbone. Bacteria and immune responses cause rapid destruction of connective tissue around the teeth, even the bone that causes bone loss.

What is tooth pulp?

The pulp is a soft, connective tissue, located in the root of the spinal cord and the pulp. The tooth pulp is like the “heart” of the tooth, surrounded and protected by yeast, ivory and dental cement. The pulp contains many blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings, which serve as neurotransmitters and nourish and sustain life. It is important to have a pulp so that the ceramic pulp is not one of the considerations that the dentist will always put in the process.

When to get pulp?

Taking a pulp or even treating a pulp, is a dental procedure. The dentist will proceed to remove the necrotic tissue or necrotic inflammation in the pulp chamber, canal. After that, the marrow cavity will be cleaned, shaped and filled. The treatment of pulp has the effect of preserving the hard tissue of the teeth. Treatment of marrow can prevent infection and prevent the risk of tooth loss leading to severe consequences later. This treatment for marrow is very well performed in reputable dentists.

Do you need to remove the pulp when making porcelain crown?

There are currently 3 types of porcelain teeth: porcelain teeth – common metals, porcelain teeth – titanium, porcelain teeth. Depending on the economic conditions and location, cosmetic requirements of each tooth on the jawbone you will be advised different types of dental porcelain. Basically, when choosing porcelain teeth is not much related to the need to get pulp when the porcelain crown?

The pulp depends on the condition, the vitality of the pulp on the teeth that the dentist will designate on a case-by-case basis. The most common dental treatments that do not require pulp are:

Teeth is light, painless.

Coronation, bridges for tooth decay, but no damage to the pulp.

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