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close and attachment with each other like teeth in Vietnam

close and attachment with each other like teeth in Vietnam , the other side of things like being outside is not like rounding the freezing machines we choose for ourselves, not covering the medicine for other types of cancer like If liver cancer is either in the inner lining, it is now possible to feel like tickling like this has a much higher risk of developing the cancer without leaving it behind when we cannot see it with bad breath. as few people can hear it with their eyes, it is very useful to discover that on the teeth too long, the smell will be emitted from their mouth because of the match but still the cancer of the oral cavity is also very little Human discovered early.  The oral cavity has other causes that can change the color of this tooth. These are the things that, if you have any other symptoms, and avoid injury, it can be treated early.

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Successful implant placement requires a convergence of factors in that the bone volume problem plays a critical role in the success of an implant. Below are the criteria for achieving a successful implant. vietnam dentist prices

Healthy jaw bone, hard bone, no damage, jaw bone is preserved intact.


Lack of bone and gum volume

In case of deficiency of bone or gums, the two complementary tissues should be grafted to ensure that there are 2mm of bone covering the implant and gum tissue at least 1.1mm thick and that there should be gingival tissue around the implant. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

For this reason, most cases of implant placement in the aesthetic area require the addition of bone and extra gums.

Bone grafting material

So far, the patient’s true bone is still the best material because it contains growth factors that heal quickly, have live bone cells, and limit the ability to react.

– If the bones are large: the bone mass must choose graft material is the patient’s bone can be taken from the chin, jaw area, pelvic area. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

– If the bone is small: need to bone less bone, you can use artificial materials instead of bone


Many years ago, with traditional techniques, when bone washes can not be implanted, however, with the improvement of modern methods and technology the implementation of bone implants to implement implant. cấy răng implant

At I-DENT Dentistry this problem has been resolved and the patient can fully implant the teeth as you want, so do not worry about the problem of bone loss with implant teeth.

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